“A library is a place where a person can go and return empty handed, still carrying a lot of things with him”


Apart from having adequate no of books, journals, periodicals and reports, our library is digitally accessible, has a spacious reading room and a very enthusiastic library staff to cater to the students and faculty members learning needs.

A library can help you to some extent. But it cannot carry you very far. It cannot make you a poet or a scientist.”. A great thinker thinks for himself. He does not see with the eyes of others.

Total no. of Volumes: 67.329 Books

Expanse: There are Reading Hall, Journals and Magazines and Newspapers Sections.


Internet connectivity also is operated for addition of new books selected from various web-sites; in addition to routine selection and procurement process.

Magazines and Newspapers:

10 newspapers and 48 magazines are regularly subscribed and are made available in Reading Hall for students and staff.