Katkar sir1

Mr. S.M.Katkar, Founder Director, ZES, Pune

We are known as ‘Educational Venture of ZEAL Industries’, as we understand , Education is the backbone of every nation and is the stepping stone for a country to move into the niche of a developed nation. Educated individuals play the most vital role in nation building. During my educational phase I faced some constraints after which I decided that given an opportunity I will ensure that the current generation should not face the same. With the intent of providing quality education to contribute towards nation building, on the 23rd of March 1996 the Foundation stone of Zeal Education Society was laid at the Hingane- Khurd Campus…


Mr. J. S. Katkar, Secretary, ZES, Pune

To quote Winston Churchill “We shape our buildings. Thereafter, they shape us”. We shape our words, thereafter they shape us..

Khandave Sir

Mr. Pradip Khandave, Executive Director, ZES, Pune

Implies Knowledge begets discipline, from discipline one gains worthiness, from worthiness wealth is generated..